Site Blocker

is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox

Block All The Harmful Websites in a Click

With so many upcoming new websites every day, it’s tough avoiding unwanted websites which are harmful to our data and systems. Hence, here’s a quick solution for you. Install Site Blocker extension, which efficiently blocks and removes all the undesirable and malicious websites from your search results. However, this tool to block websites comes at no cost since it’s free to download and use. Moreover, these hazardous websites appear and waste our productive time distracting us. Apart from that, people also need to keep their systems clean and away from inappropriate websites if their children use them for educational purposes. This is where the site blocker comes into the picture. Since it blocks unwanted websites in a click and keeps the digital threats at bay, you must consider downloading it. Furthermore, please keep reading to know how to use it.

Site Blocker Features

Site Blocker works effectively to block and remove all the malicious and unwanted websites. Therefore, it works so that those websites won’t appear in your search results and won’t affect your system.

Not only does it remove all the hazardous websites that are inappropriate, but it also blocks its sub-domains effectively by removing its full effect. Hence, the site blocker provides you a smooth internet surfing with zero struggle.

Unlike other internet filters, this one is free, so you don’t have to invest in anything at all. All you require is a good internet connection while working, and it will work its wonders by being the best internet filter.

Site Blocker blocks multiple websites together for you. Therefore, if you have a bunch of malware website URLs that you want to remove from your search results, you could do that with this extension. Moreover, you need to go to the extension’s dashboard and paste all the URLs in the “LOAD SITE” option.

You can keep everything protected with a password on the options page. Furthermore, there is complete safety and protection with site blocker since only you can control to block and unblock the websites.

There’s an option to create a white list for you. Furthermore, your whitelist will contain all the websites you don’t want to block from your search results. Therefore, your blocking settings will not apply to the content in your white list.

If you decide to unblock a particular website at any point, you can do that as well. Similar to blocking multiple websites together, you can also unblock numerous websites.

Site Blocker doesn’t collect any data from any source, and hence it’s completely safe. However, everything you block using the site blocker remains private. Moreover, you don’t have to go through the hassle of signing up. Hence, by simply installing this extension, you can start using its benefits.

There’s an option to create a white list for you. Furthermore, your whitelist will contain all the websites you don’t want to block from your search results. Therefore, your blocking settings will not apply to the content in your white list..

How To Install The Site Blocker?

Installing the site blocker is very simple and hassle-free. Here’s how you can do that in a few steps –

Click here to install the site blocker extension from the Chrome web store official page.

Now, click on the blue-colored “ADD TO CHROME” button.

Next, tap on the “ADD EXTENSION” option in the pop-up.

Hence, the site blocker tool is installed and enabled to your system to use and block undesirable websites.

How To Use The Site Blocker?

You can install the extension on Chromebooks, macOS, Windows, Computers, and Laptops. Furthermore, the first step is to download the extension to your system. Moreover, you can install the tool on either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Browser.

Pinning the extension is essential. Hence, once you install the extension, you must pin the extension icon to your toolbar. However, if you don’t see the extension icon, you must click on the puzzle icon and pin the icon from there.

If you want to block any website you are currently present on, you can do that with a click. Therefore, right-click anywhere on that website and select “BLOCK THIS SITE” from the options that appear. Just like that, you blocked a malware website in seconds.

Furthermore, you can also block multiple websites at once simultaneously. To do that, click on the extension icon pinned to your toolbar and click on the “DASHBOARD” option. After that, the extension’s dashboard will appear in front of you. Moreover, you need to click on “LOAD SITES,” which is present on the left sidebar in the options. Further, a small pop-up with a text box will appear where you need to paste all the URLs you want to block. However, please remember to enter each URL in separate lines. Now, click on the “LOAD” button below the text box, and all the websites will get blocked.


It is the best internet filter that blocks all the websites that you find inappropriate and malicious.

Unlike other tools, the site blocker is entirely free. Also, it is easy for you to use since there is no struggle in signing up.

Site Blocker saves your time and efforts since it removes all the harmful domains and subpages together.

It blocks all the harmful websites within seconds and protects you and your system from undesirable content.

To focus on the essential work tasks and not get distracted by malicious websites.

It protects your children from adult content while using the system for educational purposes.


A website blocker is an internet filter. You can use it to remove and block any website that you find inappropriate and wish to remove from appearing in your search results.

It costs zero bucks to use this extension. Hence, the site blocker is free.

It is completely safe to use this website blocker. Since it doesn’t acquire any of your data and is password-protected, you can use it without worrying about safety.

Yes, you can opt to block multiple websites at once as well. The first method is to block any website that you have landed upon. Therefore, by right-clicking and choosing the “BLOCK THIS SITE” option, you can block that website then and there. Furthermore, you can go to the extension’s dashboard and paste all the website URLs in the “LOAD SITES” option to block multiple websites at once. Therefore, doing so will block and remove any website you have pasted there.